Today, January 25th of 2018, it is three years since Jim suddenly died in his home in Jacumba.

He had only two more credit card payments and two more car payments to make. We were in daily email contact and had planned to move together again. After paying off his debts he wanted to sell the place and relocate to Northern California where I lived. I convinced him that life in the North is easier than in the high-desert. It is green and there is water, life is less harsh than in the desert heat, and there are no Mexican border problems. We wanted to buy a piece of land in Northern California and set up two small houses and support each other.

But then – he suddenly died.

I described Jim’s life story – and what happened after his death – in my 23-page Memorial. This wordpress page is all I could do to honor and preserve his legacy by telling the true story.

I had sent his son Michael, the hijacker and legacy hunter, the link to my Memorial page. In return he left on my answering machine a long rant of badmouthing his father, which I saved as proof of his character.

Meanwhile son Michael -who is not the heir – managed to sell Jim’s property in Jacumba.

Now it’s three years since Jim’s death. All I have from our 25-year relationship are the few photos from our first years in San Diego and Jacumba which I posted on the wordpress page. I don’t even have the 17 Panther tapes.

I have no information about Jim’s cremation and what happened to his ashes. I assume son Michael is keeping Jim’s ashes as his #1 trophy.

But the story is not over yet.

The time is not right yet to prosecute son Michael for his crimes against Jim and me. The American Justice System is corrupt to its core. Son Michael would hire a corrupt lawyer with the money he made from selling Jim’s estate and martial arts information. Since he eliminated me from Jim’s life I would worry that son Michael and his lawyer would try to get me into prison, and that his accomplices would help him.

However, it will not take another three years before the corrupt government will be taken down. When the tide turns I will be seeking justice against the hijacker and legacy hunter Michael Lacy.

Until my next update.

Sincerely, Karin Lacy




I created this Blog to document the further development of this case of Legacy hunting and Hijacking.

On February 25, 2016 I emailed to son Michael my Memorial for Jim Lacy.

On April 1st 2016 son Michael left a message on my phone, asking me to call him back.

This message is for son Michael:
As I wrote in my Memorial for Jim under “Message to son Michael” I will only converse with you in writing. I wrote my Memorial as a chronological Document for the court case. Everything will be reported here on this Blog section. You can email me and I will report or quote its content here.

I told Jim’s cousin Angela, who one night stopped by at my house, to stay out of my life. She is mentally ill and tries to harm me. I never again want to have anything to do with her.
If you try to use her against me it will just add to your list of crimes against Jim and me.
Karin Lacy, 4-1-16

Today, April 2, 2016, son Michael called me again, and started leaving a message again. I lifted the receiver and hang him up.

I emailed him a message to stop harassing me over the phone.

Karin Lacy, 4-2-16