Part 3 –

Part 3

Bridging the Martial Arts World with the Paradigm for the New Earth

I was guided by spirit to come to America to serve here as a Lightworker. As I wrote in my article “About Visiting Us” which Jim kept on his website even after I left Jacumba, my role has always been to bridge the martial arts with the new paradigm for the new Earth of fifth dimensional frequency.

Lightworkers are volunteers who came to planet Earth to help usher the human family through the Shift of the Ages into a higher state of consciousness. This monumental time in our history is now. I am one of those volunteers, I am a Pleiadian starseed, Earth is not my home.

We are also known as the Ground Crew. We are the mapmakers and wayshowers, out there on the leading edge of thought, creating new paradigms of living in Unity Consciousness on Earth. We are holding the space for our brothers and sisters so that they may awaken and learn the truth about planet Earth and who we the human family really are. In this higher vibration of existence that we are now entering there will be no more secrets, there will be no place for legacy hunters, hijackers and other kinds of human parasites and predators.

At this crucial time of transition we must consider carefully what we take with us from the old world to the New Earth frequency for the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

I have been documenting my life experience as a Lightworker for America ever since and will continue to expose son Michael’s further actions, for this is the time where we collectively and individually have to open our closets and look at our ugly skeletons. Otherwise we as the human family cannot move on in our evolution towards Unity Consciousness.

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear profound changes are happening on the horizon that will lead to a fundamental re-orientation within every aspect of life. This glorious time of liberation of the human family is now just around the corner.

Americans are the Masters of Cognitive Dissonance

I documented two examples of what I call “American Cognitive Dissonance”.

The first one is my memorial of Jim’s mother Frances Lacy which I wrote in 2004. I tell the story of how his relatives on his mother’s side successfully eliminated Jim, the only child of his mother, from inheriting any money from his mother’s house in San Francisco.

He was stamped as the outcast by the family who decided that Jim did not deserve his rightful inheritance. The whole process of the plan they developed, the steps they took to eliminate Jim are known in psychology as “Cognitive Dissonance”, also called “willful blindness” and “going in denial”. When people are motivated by Greed, or better infested by the Greed-Virus, they turn into predators and go after what they want, no matter how unethical, immoral, and illegal their actions are. They even screw their relatives or loved ones in a covert way in broad daylight. It happens all the time. I call it “the American Bully Way of Life”.

The second example of Cognitive Dissonance is what I described here in my memorial for Jim Lacy. It is the same pattern of Cognitive Dissonance in another case of legacy hunting; this time acted out by son Michael who decided to hijack his father’s legacy and eliminated me as the widow. It is the same effort of making something look right that is wrong, of justifying crimes. This is how people lose their integrity and become corrupt.

Old and simple guidelines like “you treat your neighbor as you wish to be treated” or the rule of living your life by the Golden Rule are discarded.

To pursue his strategy son Michael needed to pull in accomplices through bribing them or promising them part of the booty. All of his partners in crime who now act in willful blindness are infested with the Greed-Virus. It can as well be viewed as an etheric implant that influences human behavior and actions.

Let us talk for a moment how the world sees America. Americans are very good at Cognitive Dissonance, in fact, they have been implanted to become Masters at Cognitive Dissonance. The denial is deeply embedded within the American people. The US is the most hated country in the world. We are seen as the bully of the world who starts one war after the other, conquering and dividing like in the middle ages, creating endless human suffering and pain.

Being a German and having grown up right after WWII in East Germany I remember how we as teenagers could not fathom why the Holocaust could happen. Our parents said they were suspicious of bad things happening in those labor camps and prisons, but nobody would have the courage to even speak about it. The fear programming among the Germans was so great that they (nearly) all turned into cowards and underlings, blindly following orders.

Within a few years they became a nation dwelling/existing in Cognitive Dissonance or willful blindness, putting their heads in the sand. As such they justified their crimes of genocide, ordered by their higher ups.

When all came down and the whole world had to look at the horrors done by the Germans they became the most hated country in the world. The Nuremberg war trials taught the Germans and the world that order-followers are guilty of the same crimes as their higher ups, for they executed the crimes for them. They served the dark forces.

To me as a foreign immigrant it is disheartening to watch what happened to this country since I came here 25 years ago. The government has been hijacked by the shadow governments who now run the show, with the politicians as their puppets in the limelight. They are responsible for our current engineered crises and overall social condition. The power players themselves usually do not kill and harm publicly, instead they give orders to their minions to do the dirty work. The majority of Americans are involved in the crimes against humanity one way or another, programmed to act as order-followers.

We are following the Nazi example. Yet, the secret military space program use alien technologies of brainwashing and programming that are fare more sophisticated in comparison to Nazi Germany.

It is a shame to watch how disgusting and pathetic as a collective you Americans have become, you are cowards kept in fear. You exist at the level of barbarians. Rarely would one find a human person these days who is not corruptible. You all have been successfully numbed. Your government’s designed goal of the “Zombification of America” has been accomplished. Blessed divine beings transformed into Zombies!

Yet you zombies have no idea of what is going on. You are being monitored and hypnotized to go back to the couch to be mesmerized by the reality played for you on the TV screen.

I’m sure you would tell me that we are fortunate to live in the greatest country on Earth, while the rest of the world is looking up to us.

You zombies have become roadblocks in the evolution of our species. We cannot move forward in our path of ascension with too many American roadblock-Zombies. The majority of humanity is ready to shift higher and reach for Unity Consciousness.

Please, may at least a few more of you Americans wake up!

However, having said all that with the intention to rattle your cage, we are in the midst of a transition. The Earth is being liberated from the forces of darkness, from the predators and parasites in human bodies who prey on their fellow men. The dark forces responsible for the suffering and pain of the masses must be removed, before we can move on.

Our whole Earth Mother in her rebirth process will be swept clean from the infestation.

As Lightworkers we are the midwives to usher the human family into the new Earth of fifth dimension. Everything will be made new.

Universal Natural Law will replace the present fraud legal system installed by our rulers for the deliberate subjugation of our people and planet.

Our positive galactic friends tell us that life on earth is what hell is all about. An enslaved humanity believing they are free and happy. The dark forces, or Cabal, or Illuminati, are more concentrated in ranks and numbers here in America than anywhere else in the world. The upcoming downfall of these centers of evil will be hard and painful for all Americans.

Son Michael assaulting me as a Lightworker for America

From now on I declare that being a Lightworker for America is my first identity, that is, all of son Michael’s criminal activities are assaults against me as a Lightworker.

He chose to degrade me to play his victim and to suck me into the low life drama that he has been creating for over a year. He decided that since he didn’t inherit anything he just takes all there is and “stepmother” Karin can watch. Since son Michael has no regards for me as Jim’s widow he will from now on have to accept me in my overriding role as a Lightworker for America.

In quantum physics it is understood that when two frequencies inhabit the same space the lower frequency is pulled up by the higher frequency.

Son Michael’s criminal actions need to be corrected, balanced, and healed – by him. Otherwise, if he chooses to continue his role as a con artist, he will be prosecuted and forced to correct his actions.

There will soon come a time when Lightworkers are being honored and respected for our tireless service while you people were sleeping….

There is more to the story than meets the eye. The forces of the dark are attacking me through son Michael whom they use to prey as a hijacker on me in order to pull me into the Matrix.

As Lightworkers we anchor the incoming galactic energy waves, therefore I must maintain my stance of sacred neutral at all times. I am aware that it is the heyday for the galactic masters of deception, called Archons, and I cannot allow being used as a target and pulled in somebody’s dirty game.

We need to end corruption wherever we see it!

If son Michael does not immediately make things right, he will be called to the Grand Jury of one of the first Natural Law Criminal Courts. I am doing my homework with this chronological memorial for this future trial. Universal Natural Law will be determined as the guideline for the new paradigm of living on Earth.

Sharing with Others

My memorial for Jim Lacy is composed as a multifaceted piece of writing, for it is more than telling the story of Jim and me.

This 3-part memorial is a document for my wordpress blog in honor of Jim Lacy and a message board for those martial artists who interacted with Jim Lacy and who are interested to know the truth.

It is the widow telling the truth about the Great Grandmaster.

In my role as a Lightworker for America I expose a legacy hunter and hijacker and his accomplices.

This 3-part memorial is my homework in preparation for the future trial against son Michael in a Natural Law Court.

It is also meant as an educational contribution with the purpose of bridging the martial arts community with the new paradigm of living life on Earth.

It is also intended as a reminder and an example of honoring our ancestors.

This 3-part memorial goes as a chapter in my next book of documenting my life experience as a Lightworker for America.

It also is my contribution of sharing with other Lightworkers and Ground Crew Members of how to deal with the corruption that is running rampant in these end times. Lightworkers are more and more under Archon attacks, for those are the last days of the battle between dark and light. These galactic parasites have been interfering with our human affairs for eons. They are the masters of deception.

I am aware that son Michael has been infested and compromised by the Archons, those negative entities or parasites that act like viruses or implants that change a person into somebody who loses the qualities that make us human creators on Earth. When the Greed-Virus is implanted it can turn a person into somebody as described in this memorial.

The poor fool (and his accomplices) has no clue that he himself has been hijacked. These negative entities make us become like them. They motivate us to actions that disconnect us from Source, that is, our heart connection runs dry, and we become Zombies, like son Michael demonstrates. His father’s legacy and estate are “booty” to him, and he sees me as an obstacle to trample over and eliminate.

Many of us have been under attack and went through similar experiences in their personal lives. Remember, the transformation of the world starts in our own families, communities, towns, cities, nation, etc. As soon as Natural Law reigns on Earth, those who preyed on us as predators and parasites must be cleansed out and if possible corrected. We cannot allow those who carry darkness to infiltrate and bring imbalance in the future New Earth.

At the present state all major governments have been hijacked by the Cabal and most politicians are used as puppets. The banking system is in the hands of a few Cabal families, who relentlessly promote war after war. The mass media are in the hands of a handful hijackers. The human population is being kept at the lowest level of existence: they are brainwashed to the max, fed with Frankenfood, poisoned with medicines, damaged with vaccines and , our air polluted with chemtrails which harm us in more ways then we can imagine. Fluoride and other toxic substances are put in our water to keep us docile, while our minds are being fed with the lowest quality, sexually dominated entertainment.

You fellow Lightworkers out there: If there is darkness to be cleared out in your sphere of influence, use the remaining time to document your story of attack or abuse in preparation for prosecution at one of the first Natural Law Courts. May you step fully in your role as a Lightworker by openly calling yourself a Lightworker.

Universal Natural Law says:

-All living systems have the right to be free.

-All living systems have a right to be protected from the harmful actions of others.

-All living systems unable or unwilling to live and act in accordance with the maxims of love are forgiven upon correction.

-The community has the right to intervene in all situations where the maxims of love are violated regardless of local laws, customs, ethics, or practices.
-All living systems unable or unwilling to live and act in accordance with the maxims of love will be given the opportunity to either correct their behavior or accept the consequences.

I am writing this memorial also for myself, for my own greater understanding and clarity. And to come to terms with the fact that as Jim Lacy’s widow I’ve been preyed on and treated in the lowest way by a person who is supposed to be a “loved one” in my life. Such is my life experience after 25 years of service as a volunteer Lightworker on planet Earth.

Therefore, I will be vigilant and protect myself from further Archon influences.


The indigenous people tell us about their way of life and that they measured people by how they shared, for that indicated the state of their heart. Notice that I wrote “how they shared”, not “how much they shared”, for they knew that we are on Earth to cultivate and evolve our Heart Chakra, as the gate to our Soul.

To the contrary, in our culture we measure people by how good they are at making money, at milking each other for money in any way possible. Our world is dictated by parasites in human bodies; they want us to exploit each other in our modern-day slave system.

I am committed to be here until my mission is complete.

In loving memory of my mate Jim Lacy! His guidance has been at work with me in this missive.

In Service to the Light!

Karin Lacy, Lightworker for America