In Memorial of Kung Fu Grandmaster James Patrick Lacy –

An American StoryJimironpalm

By Karin Lacy


Part 1: The Beginning of our Story

Part 2: The Ending of our Story

Part 3: Bridging the Martial Arts World with the Paradigm of the New Earth

My ex-husband Jim Lacy died on February 7th 2015, at age 64, of natural cause due to his liver disease.

It was Saturday, February 7th of 2015 at late afternoon when I got a call from a medical examiner in San Diego. He told me that this morning he and the local sheriff went to Jim’s house, in Jacumba, California, where they found him dead on the floor.

Jim’s dog Olive and his parakeet SweetPea were in the house and still alive. I told the medical examiner that I live in Northern California and that Jim and I have been in daily email contact, and that I’ve been worrying since January the 26th that something bad may have happened. On Friday the 24th he had sent me a money order for $40. On Monday the 26th I emailed Jim and thanked him for the money. He normally would have answered back. The next day, Tuesday, I called Jim, but no response. Then I called every day, the answering machine was now full. I assumed that he was in the hospital. I worried for 12 days, until I received the medical examiner’s call on February the 7th.

He said they let the bird fly and brought the dog to the neighbors. I told the examiner that I think Jim died either on Sunday, January the 25th or Monday, January the 26th. Jim’s last facebook page entry was on Saturday afternoon, the 24th.

Jim’s death meant the loss of the only close person in my life. I couldn’t write our story earlier, for the pain was to great. I decided to write our story of twenty-five years down and create a wordpress blog to preserve his legacy as a martial artist in a section on my website, http://www.KarinLLightworker.com.

I plan to re-do and improve the photo gallery.

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