“About Visiting Us”

About Visiting Us
By Karin Lacy

April 2001
I would like to share why my husband and I have an agreement that we do not want to have Martial Arts- or other Visitors in our home at this particular time in our lives.

We are not a school, as most think who want to stop by here.

Since my husband is well-known in the martial arts arena, we would have every week visitors coming here, if we had not decided to protect our privacy.

We are presently living in a Trailer, here in the middle of nowhere, which serves as home and workplace for both of us. It is an interim situation with conditions not quite up to my standards of hospitality that would make me want to play hostess for my husband’s students.

I am presently in the process of writing my book “Who Wants To Be A Lightworker?” and I feel blocked when there are strangers in the front room. However, we certainly would make an exception if a venture capitalist student would want to invest $ 100.000 for some rare information or a co-creation project. It would eliminate the next 8 years of our 15-year mortgage and thus help us to reach the next
level. We would then own our property and qualify for a larger bank loan to build our first 50′ geodesic dome house. Well, I certainly would be interested to meet this investor person!

My husband Jim’s goal is to build on our land a martial arts museum for his Kung Fu System with office, professional filming studio, home theater, etc., where he also can invite his students for seminars, video producing, Hall of Fame, etc.

My goal is to build the headquarters for the future Isle Of Light Jacumba Lightworker Community, which will be a non-profit organization.

My husband pioneered home studying and entrepreneurship within the international martial arts arena.
My intent is to spread a new career as a “Lightworker for America” for the New Millennium.

My husband is a legitimate Grandmaster. He inherited 1000 Kung Fu forms and 1000 herb formulas (valued at one time at $ 27million) during his 10-year discipleship with his Chinese teacher, Great Grandmaster Doo Wai. The Great Grandmaster made him the archivist of the system. My husband loves his life’s mission to document and spread this never before let out Five Elder Kung Fu and make it accessible to all who are interested in it.

We both have come to agree that I can be of service best by bridging the martial arts with the New Age.
In my role as a Lightworker and Spiritual Elder I foresee a bright future and great popularity for the martial arts and their practitioners. The time of awakening is now. There is a new awareness emerging among the people that there must be more to life than struggle for survival. More and more people are seeking for new and better ways of living their lives.

Many are now beginning to realize that physical health and well-being can be a matter of choice. The five most popular healing modalities for the 21st century will be through Sound, Color, Touch, Smell, and Moving Meditation. All are capable to balance, realign, and maintain the physical body towards homeostasis, the state that assures greatest well-being where disease cannot exist. Life as it is meant to be! The Chinese integrated this knowing a long time ago in their martial arts, making it an art of survival. It will become common like in China where people do the moving meditations in the morning in the park or workplace. Combined with Feng Shui, the art of directing the energies that surround us, people will soon gain fuller awareness of Chi or Prana, or Life Force, or whatever we want to label the energy that creates worlds.

About Mew Hing Productions
I would like to share some background information for those of you martial artists who follow my husband’s lead of inspiring his students to become entrepreneurs and start their own martial arts career.

Jim’s message is that you can start making a living out of what you like to do the most in life and create a thriving lifestyle of ‘Self-Empowerment and Empowering Others’.

He encourages those of his students who are dissatisfied in their job, but are on the other hand as ‘passionate, or eccentric, or fanatic’ as he himself about the martial arts, to turn their hobby into their
career and to start developing a martial arts business on their own. The possibilities are endless with 6 billion potential students, as Jim likes to say.

As his wife I have been witnessing and supporting my husband’s martial arts career, since we decided to make a living from it and founded our company “Mew Hing Productions” ten years ago and put the business in my name.

Within these past ten years about 6000 martial artists contacted my husband and talked to him in person and many of them bought information.

I recently received an insight of what I think is the secret of my husband’s success and popularity. I once learned that people are categorized either as internal or external thought processors. From this viewpoint my husband is a typical external processor; he likes to verbalize his thinking process while communicating with another.

I am the typical internal processor. I prefer to go inward and chew silently on a subject and afterward share my conclusions.

I witnessed many times when my husband got a call from a martial artist as somebody with whom he had in common a passion for Kung Fu. In sharing his own life experience over the phone with a complete stranger he always encourages the student to also choose a path of ‘Self-Empowerment and Empowering Others’ and to become an entrepreneur. Many times, after about 2 hours of taking this person on a journey of how to use their hobby and turn it into something bigger and to consider becoming a full-time martial artist, a seed was planted in somebody’s life for taking a new direction, to improve their conditions related to health, money, relationships, etc.

For most this is the first time in their lives that they are being confronted with the idea of starting a new career with the intent to create their personal lives according to their very own liking. Still for most people this idea sounds too good to be true! And at the end of their conversation my husband usually asks the student to send his check for the videos as ‘overnight delivery’. Because he knows that if the student keeps nurturing for at least another 24 hours this brand-new idea of deliberately creating a new career and envisioning a new direction in his life’s journey, it can become the foundation stone for another martial artist’s path of Self-Empowerment and Empowering Others.

Many of my husband’s long-term teacher-student-relationships began exactly this way, with this initial phone call connection. He has hundreds of thank-you letters from martial artists who expressed their
gratitude for the difference my husband made in their lives.

He is in contact with several hundred of his home study students, although some call only once a year to touch base. I am always astounded that he knows in an instant who is on the other end of the line, just from hearing the person speak their name.

Jim faces the same dilemma as his teacher, Great Grandmaster Doo Wai.
Martial Artists contact them for the rare information that they hold. Sometimes students offer right away their friendship and usually expect from the teacher to demonstrate his friendship in return through special friendship deals. Those emotionally charged relationships are usually rather short-lived, while the business-like relationships have proven to be long-term and growing into friendships.

As another example, over the years on a regular basis a young man shows up, wanting to become a martial arts home study student of Jim Lacy and starts right away projecting his father idol upon him. Well, I can tell you what a burden that is to lay on another human! I can always feel when these relationships quickly take on an imbalance when the student wants to have his teacher all for himself and adopts an attitude as if each videotape purchase comes with a free 300-hour personal life coaching by Jim Lacy. None of these young men are still with him, for once their admiration for their Grandmaster turns into its opposite they end up as the so-called “traitors” and go over to the other side.

I am sharing these things because those of you who too want to step into the role of a martial arts teacher and entrepreneur will be confronted with similar situations. And those of you who own a martial arts school who are already familiar with the different teacher-student relationship patterns will agree that you as the owner have to set the tone.

Certainly, we all in our interactions as human beings project our beliefs and expectations upon each other; in essence both partners are teaching each other. When someone shows up in our adult
live as a teacher figure, sometimes our old “student-teacher-buttons” are being pushed and resurface.

However, since my husband as the Grandmaster occupies the teacher role, I often remind him to take things more lightly and I gave him for Christmas the jar labeled “Ashes of Problem Students”. (grin)

Some Thoughts About Money
Those of you martial artists who decide to start a martial arts business will be faced on a daily basis with the issue of “making money“. Your beliefs regarding money will determine how you are doing

Since Jim openly shares over the phone his life with any stranger who calls, it also makes him vulnerable, because everybody measures his opinions and viewpoints against their own personal
opinions and viewpoints. For example, my husband tells everybody how much money he makes, although I personally have never met anybody in my 11 years in America who told us how much they make. I guess for most this is bragging, but my husband sees the money as an indication of how far he has come and he is simply proud of his accomplishments. He always tells his students, “I must be doing something right in my aspirations for the American Dream, if I made 54.000 dollars last year.” For accuracy I have to add that this is the gross income, while our net is along the poverty line.

Some people think my husband should not charge any money at all for his information; some think that he makes too much money and that they themselves at least should get their videotapes for less. However, it is a matter of fact that my husband’s long distance relationship with each one of his students is largely based on Money. The dollars reflect the value of the information and are the medium for the exchange of giving and receiving. As a full-time martial artist making a living from your art you become a businessman. Our company ‘Mew Hing Productions’ has to generate a minimum of $ 3,500 every month in order to keep and maintain our present level of livelihood. Of course every dollar goes back into the business for high-tech equipment in order to evolve the publishing company. My husband always focuses on making the money for paying the bills by mid-month, so that he has less pressure and more time for focusing on his many projects for the second half of each month. Multi-tasking is the order of his day!

Jim offers each martial arts enthusiast who contacts him to become a venture capitalist, take a mini loan and buy his $ 5,000 distributorship package of 5 tapes, or to do a videotape co-production project together, with both partners given equal marketing rights.

This is Systems Buster style, all based on oral agreements of trust and faith, with no paperwork involved, which is unheard of in the business world where everybody fears everybody’s lawsuit.

To those of you martial artists who want to start their martial arts business together with your wife or partner, I can assure you that all the issues of your relationship will come to the surface at once if you blend work life and private life all under one roof. You will live intensified life experiences and you will certainly never be bored! I personally would only recommend a husband-wife martial arts business, if both of you are equally passionate martial artists. If only the husband is the moneymaker as in our case, it can provide plenty of reasons for power struggle and relationship grinding.

It is a man’s world with big egos! But this is understandable within the framework of an Art of Survival, since the ego’s job is to ensure the body’s survival.

Also, if home and work are intertwined, the feeling of responsibility and pressure can easily become dominant and overwhelming. For example, to improve the relationship and make room for family life, we came up with rules like turning the phone off after 9 pm. But then, if we haven’t paid the bills yet for the given month and the mortgage is already overdue, we break our own rules and leave the phone on in hope somebody may call and want to purchase Kung Fu forms. I admit that I am very much looking forward to the day when we separate residence and martial arts business!

Sometimes a student blames my husband that his own newly created martial arts business does not thrive and that he has not yet been able to make much money. Well, I can tell you that our first few years were quite a struggle and we made about $ 800 a month. In our business we make a distinction between “Before and After Panther Production”, meaning that my husband had to sell his information for much less since the day Panther Productions copy-righted and mass produced his Five Elder Kung Fu.

Please consider that if you start your own business by getting your license and business name, it is like giving birth to an entity. In our case we were two people who birthed it into reality on the day we
named it “Mew Hing Productions” and got our business license. Ever since we have been nurturing and growing our business entity with our own energy.

Instead of jumping into a new lifestyle as an entrepreneur as we did ten years ago, it may be more suitable to some of you to keep your day job and start a side business with the intention to grow it slowly but more comfortably into your full-time business. Whatever you decide, your life as an entrepreneur becomes a journey of self-discovery!

My Contributions to Mew Hing Productions
I came from Germany only about half a year before we started Mew Hing Productions in 1991 and put the business in my name. The first six years I invested a lot of my time and energy in assisting my husband with his martial arts career, since we had decided to make a living from it. I didn’t know anything about martial arts until I met my husband. I always saw myself as a pacifist to the core of my being and it was extremely difficult for me when I realized that we are in the ‘coconut breaking business’ which in essence means to break a person’s skull. However, I learned that there is more to the story; that it is about making survival an art.

And yet, I have no reference points to the martial arts pecking order nor am I interested in any martial arts politics that my husband is involved.
I helped our business through secretary work like putting up an index card system, typing, mass mailing, bookkeeping work, packaging and mailing orders.

After six years, when I realized that Mew Hing Productions stands on a solid foundation, I withdrew much of my focus and we put the business in my husband’s name.
At the present time I only take care of the financial parts like paying bills, keeping records of incoming orders, watching deadlines.

I would like to share that I placed about ten different Feng Shui cures in our trailer for quality of life enhancement. Believe it or not, it happened one week after I put a Kwan Yin Tabletop Fountain on Jim’s desk for his 50th birthday that he reunited with his mother over the phone after 30 years of separation! Now they chat regularly with each other. (smile)

My main focus is now on my own life’s mission as a Lightworker and the pursuing of my own projects. I see as the most important thing in both our lives the practicing of living in full self-awareness moment by moment, for that is what Enlightenment or Awakening is all about, to make the conscious shift from living in the mode of struggle for survival towards living in the mode of celebration.

I heard the Great Grandmaster saying on a video that “Kung Fu” means “Hard Work”. Well, I observed that whenever my husband got caught up in his attitude of ‘hard Kung Fu work’ he lost the joy of the moment.

That’s why I see as my contribution to our martial arts business to remind my husband to practice switching attitude from ‘Hard Work’ to ‘Fun Work and Play Work’, for this means bringing Heaven down to Earth. We are basically living a fantastic life of freedom, well-being, abundance, creativity and things are getting more magical all the time.

And Yes, it is true that we both want to become multimillionaires and contribute to the betterment of the world in tremendous ways!

Finally, I would like to use this opportunity to express my appreciation for all martial artists who have been supporting my husband, and especially I thank all those of you who purchased information or herbs from us, and thus made it possible that I now can dedicate my life as a full-time “Lightworker for America”.

How You Can Help
My incentive for writing this article has been to look for ways to reduce the load of work for my husband, since more and more martial artists are contacting him for Five Elder Kung Fu.

Dear martial artist, please consider that Jim runs Mew Hing Productions all by himself, he has no employees. By now he spends most of his day in front of the computer and on the phone. He fills every order by himself, as a matter of fact he is the only one who is able to do it. Each order is custom-made, often including an herb order.

For example, if you get a 6-hour videotape, it means that he puts forms from different master tapes from his vast videotape library together and has to monitor it all the time; if you get 2 tapes, it means he invested 12 hours for your custom order.

Often he doesn’t have the time to write the long list of forms plus bonuses in the student’s index card, and then it sometimes happens that in the student’s future orders he selects some of the same forms or bonuses again.

Although it is standard for a mail order business that the customer/student bears the mailing costs, we have not been able to establish this rule continually for Mew Hing Productions. Our monthly costs for mailing are between $200 and $300, depending on the number of herb orders, which means that every month we set aside one student’s video purchase of about $ 250 for paying postage.

It happens often that a student sends a check without any note or list and assumes that my husband knows what it is for. Jim then has to call or write back in order to find out what the order is meant for. It is always time consuming and frustrating. On the other hand, when he fills the order by guessing what he thinks it was meant for, it usually ends up that he has to send another tape afterward with a form that he missed.

Here are my requests
Please, include with your check the list of forms that my husband asked you to write down during your phone conversation.

Please, write this list neatly (of course, typing is always the easiest to read). Please, write your address clearly; make check out to ‘Mew Hing Productions’.

It happens more frequently that when a student sends in his testing videotape for certification and ranking, my husband has to re-write and re-mail the student’s certificate three or four times over weeks, until it is right, of course always at our expenses.

When Jim watches a student’s testing video and writes down the list of forms for the certificate, he usually gets interrupted through phone calls and then he sometimes misses forms to write down.

Please, send your videotape for testing and certification with a precise list of what you want to be written on your certificate.
Please, mark in which year of the 15-year ranking system you stand!
You will save my husband hours of his time, energy, and tedious typing work!

Jim said nine years ago on the Panther tapes that the Testing and Certification Fee is $ 110. We have increased this amount to $250, beginning April 2001.

Only if this is your first year of testing will you get a Sash with the Chinese characters embroidered.

In order to reduce our work and save money (we pay $ 19 for a sash) we decided not to provide anymore the 15 sashes for the student’s 15 ranking years, especially since my husband always puts bonuses on each student’s testing tape.

If you want to collect the 15 sashes, you can order them extra for $50 each.

We are getting more orders from foreign martial artists. Sometimes a student from Europe complains about the inconvenience of foreign currency transfer and wants us to accommodate him according to what method is more comfortable for him.

If the student sends the money through a wire transfer company like Western Union, it requires for us a trip to town, to find the place, usually 40 minutes for filling out forms and waiting in line. Afterwards we have to drive to our bank and deposit the money.

Beside the extra errand for us, the wire transfer is the most expensive method.

Please, send us through regular mail a “Cashier’s Check” or “International Money Order”, for this is what foreign students usually do and which we can treat like any domestic check.

Please, check the new section on his website, “Frequently Asked Questions”, in order to see if your question is being answered there or if it helps you to re-phrase your e-mail post to him.

I am glad that my husband was finally willing to put his quarterly journal on hold and instead as the steward and archivist now focuses more on preserving and digitizing his video library.

Dear martial artist, in sharing so many details about our private life I hope you will have even greater appreciation for my husband. So please treat your Kung Fu Instructor as you would like to be treated
by your own students!

About The Slanders
I would like to share briefly my viewpoints regarding the breakup between my husband and his teacher, Great Grandmaster Doo Wai, which I caused ten years ago with a letter.

To those of you who are new as students of my husband I would like to say that it is of no value to email him samples of the ‘slanders about Jim Lacy’ from Great Grandmaster Doo Wai’s hate website against my husband.

It’s been going on for ten years since their fallout that Doo Wai tries to harm my husband. Also some of the people behind are those disappointed students of my husband’s whom the Great Grandmaster welcomes with open arms for use as willing instruments in his attacks.
A few years ago the two had a segment of peace for several months, but shortly after the Great Grandmaster spread over the Internet the rumor that Jim Lacy had died.

Well, imagine this for yourself for just a second: your teacher announcing over the Internet throughout the martial arts arena that you have died! I think that is quite a tough one! But my husband was able to ‘survive’ it with dignity and even find the humor in it.

I personally understand the Internet as the medium through which the entire human family is evolving into a global community. I see the Internet as the #1 tool for “Self-Empowerment and Empowering Others”, which will become known as the formula for living in the New Millennium on Earth. In a few years every person on the planet will be able to access and participate in the Internet, if they want to. And each person gets to choose the nature of their personal input and contribution to the whole: The question will be for everybody: Do I want to contribute to the betterment and uplifting of the world or do I intentionally pour my own emotional smut into the World Wide Web? In my opinion the relationship discord between China and America is the sum of interactions between single human beings from both countries. Single individuals like my husband and his Chinese teacher Great
Grandmaster Doo Wai have the choice to either play out a mini version of the politics at large or decide to start focusing on collaboration and coexistence as a higher version. Both sides have to ask themselves: What do I want to evoke from the other: the worst or the best?

I suggested to my husband that he may apply Lightworker tools like simply changing the backdrop and minimizing these attacks by looking at them as “the Great Grandmaster wanting to start another pillow fight”. By intentionally not picking ‘the pillow’ up and not giving it any attention and thus not feeding it with energy, ‘the pillow’ will drop to the ground, so to speak, and there will be no fight. If my husband chooses not to participate and instead turns the other cheek towards one of his many projects of distributing Five Elder Kung Fu with his students.

And besides, I reminded my husband that in case the buffoonery gets really out of hand, I am also a witch, and I have accumulated a large bag of tricks… (giggle)
On the other hand, I know that someone who wants to hurt another only does so because he is hurting himself.

From my viewpoint as a Lightworker I see both, my husband and Great Grandmaster Doo Wai, as equally powerful creators. I received from my inner guidance that the both of them have been fighting human pillow fights of “Right & Wrong” on Asian grounds many times together, often changing roles. They both are extraordinary warriors of survival, and they both are living “with a tiger by the tail” (a White one, of course, (grin), walking that fine line between power and paranoia.

I don’t know what’s behind the Great Grandmaster’s attacks. I wonder if this kind of troublemaking is meant as some sort of modern-day sparring to keep his martial arts juices flowing? But is not hating
like eating poison yourself and hoping your enemy will die from it? However, if I look for any benefit in Grandmaster Doo Wai’s smear campaign, it is correct that bad publicity still is publicity and will
make the reader want to check out for themselves who this ‘Monster Jim Lacy’ is. In essence his hate-website challenges each martial artist interested in Five Elder Kung Fu to practice the virtue of discernment and to choose for himself with whom of the two Grandmasters he wants to be associated.

As I perceive it, their agreement for this lifetime was to make an extraordinary contribution to humanity, at this great time of awakening, to bring and introduce this Chinese cultural treasure of
martial arts to the Western world, this art of survival. There are many good reasons why they should get along well as the counterparts that they are. The Great Grandmaster – as the living legend that he
truly is – likes to be associated with Hollywood stars and sponsored by the Rich & Famous. My husband on the other hand, enjoys his role as the Grassroots Humanitarian, sharing his Kung Fu with one person at a time, while staying at home in his headquarters and developing the publishing house for the worldwide distribution of his information.

There is also the possibility laying dormant for the two to collaborate as a team again and thus setting an example or opening a vortex of goodwill for a higher relation between America and China.

I know in my heart that the youth generation on Earth has no intentions to continue those outdated games of “Right & Wrong” of their angry forefathers. Instead the young people of America and China
will teach us, their parents and grandparents, to celebrate the diversity of our human family. They are the ones who will manifest the prophesied Thousand Years Of Peace. We all are becoming lighter and
more peaceful as we awaken more and more. The martial arts can serve as a bridge for making the change from living in the mode of struggle for survival towards living in the mode of celebration.

As a Lightworker I am also a peacemaker and I will keep holding a vision of collaboration and coexistence for the two, my husband and the Great Grandmaster.
Remember, I had been successful once before as the vision holder for my husband’s reunion with his mother.

Having said all that, I will make one more exception regarding “Visiting Us”, and that is for Grandmaster Doo Wai. If he is willing to take his hate-website down and instead chooses another segment of peace and comes out here for – let’s say – a video co-production with Jim in our wilderness backyard, not only would the global martial arts community benefit from it, but it also would uplift the relationship between China and America.

Well, I guess I left no stone unturned!
Thanks for listening and “Good Luck in Your Training!”

With Love, Light, and Healing Laughter!
Karin Lacy, Lightworker

PS: Sorry, I won’t answer comments to this letter. Back to my book writing…
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